SAP FIORI UI5 Live Class





Module 1: What is SAPUI5?
Module 2: Fiori Launch Pad Configuration
Module 3: Introduction to SAP WEBIDE and Hana cloud platform
Module 4: Initial flow of execution in SAPUI5 Application
Module 5: Routing:
Module 6: Introduction to View & Controllers
Module 7: Dynamically changing UI element properties.
Module 8: Validating the User Input
Module 9: Binding
Module 10: Playing with Complex UI Elements with JSON DATA
Module 11: Working with Popup Dialogs and Fragments
Module 12: Working with ODATA Model
Module 13: File Upload download Functionality
Module 14: Introduction to ODATA and gateway system
Module 15: Media Attachments
Module 16: Fiori Launch Pad Configuration
Module 17: Others


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