SAP S/4 HANA ABAP Training


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Contents Overview:

  • Introducing the Development Environment
  • ABAP HANA Development
  • SQL Script Development
  • FIORI Development
  • SAP OData

Contents Overview details:

        ABAP HANA   Introducing the Development Environment

  • Integration of SAP HANA Coding into ABAP Programs
  • Implications of SAP HANA on ABAP Programming
  • SAP HANA Basics and Technical Concepts
  • SAP HANA Information Models & Database Procedures
  • SAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
  • ABAP Programming based on SAP HANA Artefacts
  • Introduction to SAP HANA
  • Development Tools
  • The Development Project
  • The Persistence Model
  • OData Services
  • Building UIs with SAPUI5
  • SQLScript
  • Server-Side JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Application Deployment
  • Authorization in the SAP HANA Database
  • Application Development in XS
  • Database Programming Using SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP
  • Introduction to ABAP Programming with SAP HANA
  • Native Database Development Using SAP HANA
  • Integrating Native SAP HANA Development Objects with ABAP
  • Advanced Database Programming with ABAP
  • Runtime and Error Analysis with SAP HANA
  • Sample Scenario: Optimizing an Existing Application
  • Decision Tables in SAP HANA
  • Function Libraries in SAP HANA
  • Processing Geoformation
  • Advanced Techniques for ABAP Programming for SAP HANA
  • Integrating Analytical Functionality
  • Text Search and Analysis of Unstructured
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Implementation
  • SAP Fiori Security
  • Implementing Transactional Apps
  • Implementing Fact Sheet Apps
  • Implementing Analytical Apps
  • Creating OData Services with SAP Gateway
  • Custom Development and Extension
  • Introduction to SAP Web IDE
  • Creating and Extending Transactional Apps
  • Creating and Extending Fact Sheet Apps
  • Workflow and SAP Fiori
  • Integration with Other SAP Products
  • Introduction to SAP Screen Personas
  • Appendices
  • Data modeling
  • Annotations
  • Access controls
  • SAP S/4HANA virtual data model (VDM)
  • Analytical and transactional applications
  • CDS-based search
  • Extensions
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting

SQL Script Development

  • Understanding XS Advanced and HDI
  • Working with Web IDE for SAP HANA
  • Understanding the course data
  • SQL Logic Containers
  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Creating database procedures
  • Trapping errors in SQL Script
  • User defined libraries
  • Declarative Logic
  • Using declarative logic
  • Imperative Logic
  • Using imperative Logic
  • OLAP Operations
  • Using OLAP Analytic features
  • Working with Hierarchies
  • Working with Hierarchies
  • Troubleshooting and Best Practices
  • Tools for troubleshooting
  • Best Practices

        ABAP HANA Development

  • Introduction to HANA Studio
  • Introduction to ADT (ABAP Development Tools, also known as ABAP in Eclipse)
  • Accessing SAP HANA as both a Secondary Database and as a Primary Database
  • Tools to detect potential functional and performance issues when migrating to SAP HANA: Code Inspector and ABAP Test Cockpit, ABAP Trace and ABAP Profiler, SQL Trace
  • Tools to prioritize performance issues: SQL Monitor, SQL Performance Tuning Worklist
  • Optimization of ABAP in the SAP HANA Context, including Performance Rules and Guidelines for SAP HANA
  • Accessing SAP HANA using native SQL and ADBC (ABAP Data Base Connectivity)
  • New Open SQL
  • Defining advanced views using Core Data Services (CDS) and CDS Associations in ABAP
  • Creating, using and debugging ABAP Managed Database Procedures
  • Consuming SAP HANA views and database procedures in ABAP using native SQL and ADBC
  • Creating and using External Views
  • HANA Transport Container
  • Using SAP HANA Fuzzy Search in ABAP
  • Enabling input fields for Type-Ahead search.
  • SAP List Viewer (ALV) for SAP HANA

FIORI Development

  • SAP UX Strategy
  • Describe SAP User Experience Strategy
  • Explain SAP User Experience Tools and Technologies
  • Describe SAP User Experience Use Case for Building Fiori-like Apps
  • SAP Fiori Elements, Overview
  • Explain the concept of Fiori Elements
  • Explain the concept of annotations of OData services
  • Explain the Concept of Smart Control
  • Explain Templates for Fiori Elements
  • Explore the Development Environment
  • Explore the basic process of building Fiori Elements Application
  • Use the CDS View and SADL
  • Use SADL
  • Explain Metadata Extension
  • Learn about Scenarios of Fiori Elements Implementation
  • List Report
  • Explain Basic Annotations for List Report
  • Use Searching and Filtering data
  • Provide the value help
  • Explain Variant Management
  • Object Page
  • Use Basic Annotations for Object Page
  • Use Header Facets for Object Page
  • Use Sections and Facets in Object Pages
  • Advanced Topics of List Report and Object Page
  • Explain the navigation concept and annotations
  • Describe options of external navigation
  • Use data visualization
  • Create charts
  • Perform CURD operations with BOPF
  • Overview Page
  • Get an overview of the Overview Page (OVP)
  • Analytic List View
  • Get an overview of the Analytical List Page
  • Integration of SAP HANA Coding into ABAP Programs
  • Implications of SAP HANA on ABAP Programming
  • SAP HANA Basics and Technical Concepts
  • SAP HANA Information Models & Database Procedures
  • SAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver
  • ABAP Programming based on SAP HANA Artefacts


  • SAPUI5 Overview
  • SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5
  • SAPUI5 on Eclipse Installation
  • Programming Applications
  • Creating a SAPUI5 Project
  • Model – View – Controller
  • Creating project on MVC architecture
  • Databinding concepts
  • Modol concepts
  • Layouut concepts
  • Simple controls
  • Complex controls
  • Databinding – Odata
  • Resource Handling / Localization
  • Launchpad in SAPUI5
  • m library
  • MVC project using sap.m library
  • SplitView Concept in SAP UI5
  • Custom Control in SAPUI5
  • Theme designer in SAPUI5
  • Deploy SAPUI5 applications
  • Netweaver gateway concept
  • Working with CRUD applications
  • Sample project with backend database


  • Deployment options for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Introduction to REST
  • Introduction to OData
  • OData query options
  • Data modeling basics
  • Creating OData services with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder:
  • Modeling and implementing OData services manually
  • BOR/RFC Generator
  • Redefining services
  • Service composition
  • Registering and testing a service
  • Security
  • Support of multiple backend systems:
  • Routing capability
  • Multi origin composition
  • Overview of the different options to consume OData services published by SAP NetWeaver Gateway


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